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Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski


The Inspiration: Everywhere Renee went, you could feel her energy and passion for life. Renee had an extraordinary way of connecting with people, especially kids. Always upbeat, Renee made every moment count. After a long struggle with Leukemia, Renee passed away at the young age of 23. Soon after, Renee's parents received a donation to put towards a Memorial, however, at that time, a Memorial had not been established. At first thought, Michele and Ralph Przybylski wanted to leave something behind at Clintonwood Park because it is where Renee spent many summers working as a Day Camp Counselor for Independence Township Parks and Recreation. After a lot of thought and research, plans for the Renee Przybylski Memorial Spraypark began. Working together with Parks and Recreation, The Przybylski Family organized a committee of Renee's friends, family and community members, and began their journey of raising the money for the Spraypark.

Renee loved inspiring other people and hoped that goodness would rub off on them. Even when Renee was diagnosed with Leukemia, she would say, "this is just a bump in the road, let's do what we have to do and move on."

This Spraypark Project is definitely fulfilling Renee's wishes to have "goodness rub off on a lot of people."

History: The Renee Przybylski Spraypark Foundation was established in 2003 to build a spraypark at Clintonwood Park in memory of Renee Przybylski. September 12, 2004, a big splash happened at Clintonwood Park as the $270,000 park was opened to the public. Throughout the year and a half, the Spraypark Committee worked diligently to raise over $180,000 in donations and partnered with local business that donated $90,000 in in-kind goods and services.

The Committee: This project would not have been made possible if it were not for the long hours of the Spraypark Committee:

    Michele & Ralph Przybylski
    Kelly Arcello-Hyer
    Mike Turk
    Mike Stefanski
    Heather Wiley
    Terri Bendes
    Ken & Carol Gill
    Denise & Elise Conner
    Ann Marie & Mallory McCafferty
    Anna & Lori Wheeler
    Jeff Peariso
    Jill Cascone
    Beth Lawrence
    Brian Doyle
    Denise King
    Kelly Kostin
    Lyndsey Hart
    Morgan Sheets
    Liz Kalush-Degain
    Lisa & Emily Gray
    Michele and Rob Bondy
    Dawn McLatcher
    Nick Curdy
    Scott Banks
    Jean Dasuqui
    Amber Clement
    Jim Sommers
    Tim Smith
For more information, please contact Independence Township Parks and Recreation at (248) 625-8223 or visit
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