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Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski
Dedicated to the memory of Renee Przybylski


   When will the Spraypark Open?
The Spray Park is open Memorial Day to Labor Day, weather permitting. Temperature must maintain 70 degrees for the park to open.

   Where is the Spraypark located?
The Spray Park is located between the Pickle Ball Courts and the playground at Clintonwood Park.

   What if I am planning to visit?
All users will need to sign in and wear a wristband. Please bring ID with you for residency verification. Bathroom facilities are limited, so come dressed in your suit and don’t forget to bring a towel! All users are required to take a shower before entering the Spraypark.

CAPACITY: 75 participants
Please note that when user capacity is at it’s maximum, users will be required to take turns in 15 minute intervals. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance to go on the Spraypark.

LOCATION: Clintonwood Park, 6000 Clarkston Road, Clarkston

   How many kids can use the Spraypark at a time?
The Spraypark is about 3,200 sq feet and about 70 kids can be on it at a time. At busy times, a staff person will monitor time limits so everyone will get a chance to use it.

   How much money was raised?
The Spraypark Committee worked diligently to raise over $180,000 in donations and partnered with local business that donated $90,000 in in-kind goods and services.

   How safe is a Spraypark?
The Spraypark is very safe since there is no standing water. The surface is a brushed concrete specifically designed to be used with water to create a non-slippery surface. All users are reminded there is no running and swim shoes are suggested. At a later date, we hope to cover the concrete with a colored surface, but that will require more donations.

   What happens to all the water?
There is just under 2,000 galloons of water circulating through the system at all times. The water is treated very similarly to a swimming pool. In addition, the water is heated to a warm 74 degrees.

Click Here for Spray Park Hours & Costs or if you are planning a visit.

For more information, please contact Independence Township Parks and Recreation at (248) 625-8223 or visit
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